Okay so what is it with mondays…Nobody likes them! personelly i can go a hole weekend thinking “oh no it’s monday soon” The worst think you know is when you make up in the morning and it’s cold and early. The feeling you get when you wake up and your duvet is so warm and in your head it just seems stupid to get up when you can lie under your duvet a hole day??! It’s so hard to get up and you just wish you could go back to when it was weekend and you’re life was great!! I personal think it’s hardest when it’s winter cause in Denmark and most of europe, it’s so dark that it looks like it’s the middel of the night?! During the week it gets easier and easier and when it’s friday you jump out of bed because you think “today is a good day” and when you get to school the day seems shorter and more fun!! 🙂




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