Youtube is one of the most used websites in the World how wild is that. It’s amazing that a simple webside like youtubw could be so popular. personally i think it’s an awesome side because it’s easy to find what you need. why search on google when you can search for it on youtube most teenagers want to see it and not read it. It’s not just the videos it’s also that it works like twitter you can make you’re own site and insted of writing what you have on your heart you can show it. One of my best friends have a site on youtube and it means the world to her, she is very good at make up and hair so she wanted to show how she did it, but the side isen’t just about make up and hair she also tries a lot of other things. People like seeing what she does and how her life is. It’s funny to see another persons life and see how their normal day is different from your own. I personally like to see a other point at life.

When i use it most is when i see inteviews with people like The Vampire Diaries Cast, so i can see everthough i don’t live in USA. You can search on anything you want on youtube. You can use so many hours on youtube because you search around. Youtube is sometimes your google just with videos….

If you want to see my friends danish youtube chanel please click on the link below:



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