It’s the people you count on the most…im not talking about the people you just met but the people you connected with from when you talked. A real and a best friend is a person or persons you can be your self with, so choose them well. They can be hard to find.

I know it’s cool to know a lot of people to have a lot of friends on facebook or what ever you use but you can’t have so many close friends personally i don’t think it’s possible..
Boyfriends and girlfriends comes and goes but friends they stay beside you they help you through what’s wrong and you’ll always figure it out together!!!

You feel lonly when you don’t have any close friends. it’s fine that you have a boyfriend and a great family but you still miss that person who you can tell whatever you have on your heart. That person who always things that you are the Good in the story. It’s The Person who can share it’s personally throughts with out you, getting mad. A close friend is a person who says that you are stupid and eventhough it was mean it still makes you laugh.
The one think i love the most about having close friends is that you have this internal jokes that only you and your bestfriends laugh about
nobody else understands it. It is so great!!!

personally i have 3 close friends who can make even a monday more fun, they mean the world to me. It was them who helped me stand when i could’t do it. When i was down and alone they was the reason why i were happy they are the reason why i get up in the morning and why i want to go to school before i met them i could do the weirdest things so i didn’t have to go to school….

Every person in the world tries to feel alone and feel like a person who dosen’t fit in. it’s hard but hear it for someone who got through it you can come over it you will be happy again i promise you!!!!

Friends are what matters always remember that….



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