F*ck life


The days when you wished you could fly away….We have them all the time. I hope it dosen’t happen for you a lot but well sometimes it does happen. It could be anything that could make you feel that way. You gets this moments where you just want to fly away to a better place I don’t mean like you want to die but you just wished you could leave for a day. There are a lot of things that could make you thinks like that like it could be a big fight you had with your parents or worse when you fell lonely. I remember many times where I lay in the grass and just stared at the sky and wished that there was something more to life….

I felt like this before. It was a year ago. I got into a  fight with my bestfriend cause she was fighting with my ex boyfriend and she didn’t think that i stood up for her but that wasen’t the reason why I was alone and had a lot of those days where you wished you could fly away. It was after..My friend cut me completly of. In school she ignorred me eventhough i sat right beside her in the class. As time went i felt more and more alone i didn’t have any friends because i throught i would be friends with my best friend forever. On top of that i always arguied with my dad and my mom. I would’t go to school ’cause I was always sad and alone. I totally stopped laughing……It ended all well and I got out on the other side but the felling I had was loneliness and that i would give anyting for life to be special. I didn’t think that I belonged any where. I saw and read a lot of fantasy like The vampire diaries anything that could take me to a better place where i was special. I know personally that I can be hard and that you can’t avoid it but it’s okay sometimes to ask youself why and remember there are a lot of reasons to go but stay any way and keep on fighting!!!!!!!!!tumblr_mh59cs3sw11rdx0uyo1_500_large


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