Many had been trough or going trough cyberbulling. For them who had knows it’s so hard to feel not just alone but also an outsider. You fast begin to believe what the people are saying to you are true. Where is the easiest place to get bullied over the internet? Most people today knows facebook. Im not saying that facebook isen’t good and all that but facebook also has some downsides. You can get traped because it’s so hard to ignorre what people are saying to you. I can get to you so mental and it will affect you so much. people can be so mean and it’s so hard to who is good for you and who is not. It can start very different but mostly it can be you just have a different opinion then the other person. When the bullier begin to hate you they like say stuff to you and they say that you are stange just because your not like the other person and you don’t believe in the same thing. You can begin to be afraid for having your own opinion ’cause you are afraid to be an outsider and you change you self just to fit in.

I don’t know if I ever have been cyberbullied but I witnessed it a lot and it’s horrible but most of time they have been equally about it. They were both the bad once. But it’s not like that if you already have a low self confidence it hits you hard. One of the baddest things about cyberbulling is gossip and rumors ’cause nobody actully asks you if the rumors is true so know it’s not one person who is bulling you but a hole group of people!!!!



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