For a girl appearance isen’t just a hobby, but the most important in their lives. I may admit for my it’s important im not saying that i choose my friends after their appearance. We like to make something out of appearance. Why is so imporatant for us?, why can we just think about the inside instead? You always hear that the inside is most important and well it is, but for teenagers today appearance it’s very important and you can say that it’s cruel but it’s the truth. It’s the first thing people see when they don’t know. Even though you don’t choose your friends for appearance. Teenagers want to fit in and to fit in you have to look the best many people say that it’s only girls, but thats not true. When boys gets older thay also wanne fit in. i don’t think that clothes and the Right shoes are important, but maybe for them it’s about getting the Right gadgets. I don’t know if any of you have seen that a lot of Youtube users have Youtube channels about make-up and just beauty general.

What other people think of us is important, we say that it isen’t but it is. It isen’t just for other poeple that we dress up for we also do it for our fell better!





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