A day of a teenager – Thursday


Omg best day ever!! Still sick but it it didn’t ruin my day with my girls!! The reason why the day was so good is because My friends and I went to see The host!!

The host was amazing, My friend wanted to see this movie for ages ’cause she read the book and thought it was amazing. If you love to read you should read the book ’cause if you liked the movie you would love the book even more. The book was wrote by the writer of The Twilight saga..Stephanie Meyer. I know many say her books are childish and foressable, but this wasen’t. I don’t think I have anything bad about it. The movie was not at all like Twilight saga, but you could still see that it was her who wrote the book which I thought was great. The Host suprised my so much when it was done. I couldn’t stop saying to me self that I haven’t seen that coming. If I should say one thing..My friend said that Meyer is making two books more and well right now if it was me I would stop now ’cause the movie is good just in it self!!!

Here is a link to the movie. If I was you I would really go see it it’s worth the money and time..Promise 🙂


– Amy



2 thoughts on “A day of a teenager – Thursday

  1. I heard about the Host…I don’t know whether to read it or see the movie…I mean, it is made by the same person that made Twlight…Is similar? I mean, I am not that big of a fan of Twlight :/

    • You should definitely read it ’cause it’s a whole new world and it’s better described in the book. The book and the movie isen’t similar to Twilight. In twilight there is a love triangle and in the host there is a love square. Stephenie Meyer is the first to write about a love square, but the book and movie is so much more then a love story it’s a sci-fi book/movie.
      I promise that the book is really good and it makes you wonder if there is more then just us humans!

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