I have considered in so long how to write this ’cause it’s the think that makes the world a little more bright. Well I have to remember that this isen’t just about love but about being in a relationship. Now it isen’t just you you have to think about now you are two you have to think about. What are he thinking or what are he feeling?

Being in a relationship maybe hard but it may also be the best thing happining in your life, so why fear it when you can embrase it and love it. Being in a relationship is great what I love about it is that you can talk for hours and you don’t get bored. It’s an amazing thing. I love being single but I do miss a person who thinks you are the only one and waking up in the morning with the feeling that there only is one person that you wanne see, the only person who can light up your day. When the relationship starts and maybe if you are lucky it keeps going on for a long time. The thing i’m talking about is the sparks. You don’t have to love the person when you are young like we are, but if you feel this sparkle in your stomach you shouldn’t let go of him or her. It’s amazing and it helps you get through the day. I felt the sparkles when I saw him and when I thought of them. He helped me through a hard time and it felt so good and so right. I know what your thinking how can a girl who is 14 feel that, but I did and felt crushed when it ended but later I figured out that may was for the best.

– Amy



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