Teenage Stress


Oh damn it’s exam time. It makes you nervous in your stomach. It makes you question if your good enough. It’s hard for you to sleep at night ’cause you are going trough the list of what you have to do before the exams.

There is something I don’t get. Often people say that when your teenager it’s hard for you to concentrate ’cause of all the hormones. Then why the f**k is the hardest time in school when your teenager. I doesn’t make any sense. The time we shall be most focused is the time when it’s hardest to be. It’s just too much for us. All the fun just slips away slowly and for some reason it just gets harder the older you get in the teenage age.

I know that even though I say to me self relax it’s going to be fin. It’s not like you’ll be dying if you get a little grade, but no matter how many times you say it to your self it just keeps hunting you until it’s over and maybe also after it’s over. You always compare to what the other in the class got and you say to your self that you don’t care and maybe you really don’t care what others think of you. But it isn’t just what they think but also what you think of your self and what job you did.


Do you have any exams soon or now?




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