Summer, friends and PARTY!


Honey it’s you, me and the summer. Can you wait? Yea it’s that time of the year you survived a cold winter and a lonely valentinesday for some and now you are free. There is so many things to do, how are you going to do all of them?

Summervacation is comming up soon and I cant wait. I’m going on a small vacation with three besties. OMG I just can’t wait to chill with them after a hard year with to much homework. there are 4 days to summervacation for me, do you have summervacation or are you still waiting like me? The best thing is that it’s me birthday in almost a mounth. OMG I can’t believe I’m almost 15, so many things has happend this year. The year has past so fast almost to fast. Next year im in the ninth grade it’s so hard to believe. The most amazing things that happend this year with this. I still remeber the day i sat and worked on this blog a hole day. I reemeber the first post i posted was about mondays, can you remeber?
So many things has happend sense that, how do you think im doing now?????



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