Imperfection is perfection


Barbie the ideal woman. From child her body and face are planted into our memories. She is perfect! Maybe a little to perfect, but that doesn’t matter. You are little you wanna be a princess, a fairy, a woman yes even a mermaid. It’s all hunting your and my mind. I want to be perfect without mistakes and bad hair days. I still want that, but now I know perfection is a different thing. Perfection doesn’t exist. It’s not natural – it’s a dream!

The thing is that there isn’t a perfect woman or an ideal woman. You don’t have to look a certain way, because what would that look like? Barbie? I don’t think so – That isn’t beauty. Beauty is when you have your own way of being beautiful.
So if isn’t Barbie then it’s the models in the magazines who are so unreal. Perfection is a fantasy that doesn’t exist. Beauty can be in so many ways.

Imperfection is perfect to me. I know cliche, but true. For me beauty is when you are confident in yourself and be special. Beauty isen’t being hot or cute. It’s something very special and unique. If you think you are beautiful then you are. It’s not important if anyone else think you are beautiful. It’s only yourself you have to convince!





One thought on “Imperfection is perfection

  1. Great thoughts here! Your comments about Barbie reminded me of an article I read about the doll and if she was real based on her measurements. The article from Slate magazine said, “Barbie would stand 5’9” tall and have a 21-inch waist and a 30-inch bust. The average American woman’s waist measures 37.5 inches around.” Funny that generations of girls have idealized a totally disproportionate doll, not to mention photoshopped, air-brushed pics of models & celebrities who, I’m sure have their own insecurities like the rest of us. Beauty can be seen in so many ways and in so many different forms. We just have to look around. Anyway, I look forward to reading more from you!

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