Some people is just…..


5 people I can’t stand

1. Taylor swift

It’s not that I don’t like her music I do, but her personality right now is horrible. I don’t know what it is exactly but I just can’t stand her. She uses guys when she makes music. In the start I thought it was funny, but now I think it’s annoying. She’s winning to many awards every year and she takes is for granted.

2. lil twist

I don’t know anything about him, but he’s just no good. He’s been doing drugs. He drove Justin Bieber on the wrong track. Overtime the police caught him, but some how he comes out on prison. I don’t know if he buys him out of it. He just don’t have that much money.

3. Kristen Stewart

I always looked up to her, but now I can’t stand her. I don’t know what she is doing with her life right now. She is ruin everything with Robert. It’s like she don’t think before she do something. She has a talent as actor I just don’t get why she don’t do something with her talent now that twilight is over.

4. Teenage girls

I know I can’t hate my self, but sometimes i do. Teenage girls are so mean really. They stare at you like your some kind of phantom.We bitch about each other all time. We say things behind each others back. We always think about ourselves and our clothes friends when it really counts.

5. Clowns

Omg they are so f**king scary with their painted face and their creepy smile. It really just freaks me out. Clowns are the reason that I never is in circus. They think they are funny but they are really just scary. Ohm okay I admit i may have seen to many CSI episodes but they are always the killer in the horror movie or tv show.

Someone you can’t stand. Let me hear your thought?!





5 things I…


5 Things I love about the world

1. Human

Omg human are so smart. If they need something they just invent what they need. It’s genius. Human is curious and I like that.They research a lot about our history. Humans wanna know what happened and was before us. I my self like history ’cause for my it’s exiting to research things e.g The greek mythology.

2. Be your self.

I know it’s not like this all over the world, but I love that people can mean what they will and be who they will. Your not locked in a case on how you should be. There is only one of you.

3. Community

I love that when something happens all country’s come to help like when Haiti was hit be a tidal wave. Many country’s brought food and medication to the people on the island. It’s like we’re in it together. I like the feeling that Denmark and my self  is not all on our own. We can always get help.

4. Teenagers

I like our revolution on how to be different. I love that teenagers…Us have our own category. People get’s surprise every day over what we can’t do to the world. We have something to say. What I love about us is that we are exploring us self. We are finding out who we wanna be and Grown ups should now that they have to let us grow by our self.

5. Music

The thing that chances all the time. Music brings us together it gathers many different people. Music does so we all have something in common. For me it makes my day better I feel like I am apart of something. When I’m sad I listen to music that I can relay me feelings to. It makes me feel like I’m not alone with this feeling. When I’m happy I hear happy music so show others my joy. It can bring you to someone special. I couldn’t live with out the music.


5 thing I…..


5 things I wonder about the world

1. Why is there so many “bad” people?

I don’t get it, what makes a man or women do horrible things to others? I know sometimes they are mentally sick, but what about the people who isn’t? I would guess they are driven by anger, revenge or maybe it’s just satisfying for them.

2. There are so many who is suffering

You can do so much to help, but it will never fix it. It’s just sad that some people don’t have anything. I’ve read a lot about people whose life is a mess and they never miss hope. While they suffer as they do they never looses hope.

3. Why war?

I don’t get why people can’t settle down and talk about it instead they fight about and normal people suffers under it. The things i hate is some people are so power dependent that they only think about them self. So they take their country to war so they can get more power. It just sounds so wrong in my ears.

4. we are ruin the planet we’re living on

I can’t sound smart hear ’cause like many other people I’m involved in ruin the world. I know that people could be better at taking care of the planet, but things like Dubai where you build a city in the middle of the desert. when you build a city in the middle of the desert you need many supplies to make city work like they don’t have water in the city so they have to get the water transported to them.

5. Cancer???!

What’s op with this illness. It’s like it’s on a hunt and it always go after the good people in the world. It’s like it’s eating you up from the inside and it makes you weaker. Even though that many people is cured there are still people who don’t survive ’cause the doctors can’t do anything to treat it.


5 things I love about the world part 2 will come soon. Also I really wane know if your agree or disagree about what I’m writing in the comments.