Children we depend on you!


My journey to India


After flying for 6 hours than three more hours with only a pit stop in Dubai, we arrived at Mumbai airport. We had been up almost 24 hours with an hour or so of sleep. I knew it was hot in Mumbai in the start of January, but the feeling of stepping outside after being locked inside for hours of air-conditioning the warmth hits you. I remember stepping outside of the airport, just staring at the sun like it was an old friend. To come from minus degrees to something in the late 20 something degrees was indescribable, but then it hit me. This wasn’t over 3 or so hours left. Isolated with only my classmates by my side we stepped into the warm bus that unexpectedly will become our second home the next nine days. One of our teachers had preached and preached about keeping awake to see the incredible city of Mumbai, but after just 20 minutes of driving my eyes slowly closed and I felt into a welcomes slumber.

Our first clash with civilization was when made a pie and snack break halfway through. We had been warned before we left that people were going to stare, and that was normal, but, well I thought they had been execrating, boy! They were not. They stared – not smoothly like we usually do when we watch others – no it was the “stop working and drop everything in your hands” stare. Interesting way to be welcomed into a country, but we survived. The road trip went on until we finally! arrived in Pune with approximately 3,1 million citizens. We were told we were going to live in the wealthy part of town, but through our time in India I realized that they didn’t have poor and rich places at least not literally. You could walk past a family living on the street and look to your left and find a black gate leading into a high-security building. Coming from a little country like Denmark where you don’t have that kind of property; It was shocking, but I quickly learned that being doesn’t mean you’re unhappy.
We had settled into the hotel and had a good night sleep; we were up next morning heading for one of our sisters school in Pune. This I had looked forward to, seeing how the school system worked. After having a very bumpy ride, we arrived at the school. It was still January, so the sun was slow to rise meaning it actually was somewhat cold, but when we mean cold in Pune, we mean a few goosebumps though we still wear shorts for the boys and t-shirts for the girls. The children, on the other hand, wearing jackets and sweaters. They stood in rows military style with their teachers in front though children being children they still played around with each other. They stared but this time, it was different, they stared in awe. When you walked past them, you could hear the girls giggle.



Being on this school reminded me of a quote I found by Barack Obama himself;

“Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.”

I’ve always heard that one day shortly India will become the next superpower or, at least, the next huge economy. They are going to push America of their pedestal and take it for themselves, but though I do think they have a long way to go, seeing those kids though made me wonder if a nation needed something or someone to safe it or move it up in the world – it would have to be the next generation of bright minds. Young, brilliant minds that can compete but also work with each other. In my country, my generation is called the “lost generation” Nasty term I know, shouldn’t the next generation be the golden generation if we want a bright future? These kids are just that; the bright generation. Give the power to the children and they’ll give it back one day, give the love to the children at they’ll give it back someday.

But these kids didn’t know this, of course. Instead, they worked hard, and I’m sure they loved coming there anymore because you learn to appreciate something when there are so many others that don’t have it. I think that was the beauty of this experience; that they didn’t know they were may save their country someday. I’m not sure if it was just because they were showing off or because they actually mean it, but the kids at that school smiled and loved being there compared to a lot of children around the world who hate going to school. They also need to fight more and work harder to get what they want compared to my country were education’s free, and it’s so much easier to slack through the system.


In Denmark, you start in school at the age of six years old without any form of real ground education, but at this school kids down to the age of four were in school. They were creatively learning to count by playing with different buttons and putting them into small formation either creating a smiley or just a mere snake. You would think they were robbed of their childhood of playing around, but they weren’t. The picture above shows a group of kids on roller skates talking better English than I do. Just because they learned it from a young age.
I was deeply inspired by this visit to Vidya Valley School and loved seeing how their system worked compared to ours. They seemed to have found a good balance between fun and discipline plus all of the kids worked to be creative and innovative which is a well-known future for India. Young entrepreneurs looking to make it int he world.

The last picture I have is of a group of girls that always laughed and giggled behind and finally they asked for a picture. We took pictures with them and of them. I’ll never forget these girls and their free spirits.



Smiles and laughs


I know it’s a long time since I last wrote and I’m not sure if people even read these anymore, but I needed to write something. It’s a long time since I’ve been so mad at the world. I’m only 16 and I don’t understand the world. I thought I did, but now I’m positive that the world we live in is disturbed.

I have three friends. Three very close friends, but they’re not just my close friends or best friends they are my family and when something happens to them. I’ll do anything to make it better, but this time I can’t do anything about it. My one friend got some very terrible news a week ago, news that would make you stop laughing for years, but this girl she smiles and laughs and I know that some would say the person is in denial, but for me it seems like she’s choosing to fight. Not only fight the bad thing, but fight the feeling of being sad. Every smile and every laugh is a fight and she keeps winning them. Every time I saw laugh or smile this week I admired her. As I wrote in my post about beauty for me it’s when a person is fighting against the darkness and the sadness that keep trying to invade their life and that’s what my friend is doing. She’s fighting against what normally would eat up a person. She smiles and laughs and it’s so amazing to watch. I’m not sure how I would react if I was in her situation, but she’s an inspiration. Seeing her smile you can see the battle behind it and that makes it the most beautiful smile you can ever see. She doesn’t see herself as strong, but that’s what it takes and normally when you fight somewhere in the future there will be victory. So even though I’m not sure I even believe in God I believe in something bigger someone who listens and today and tomorrow everyday until victory I’ll pray for this amazing strong girl who should get a victory medal for winning everyday over the sadness in her fighting against her. I hope some of you will pray for this girl you never met. Pray for her to keep winning, because I know she can. I’ll pray for my family. If she’s strong – I’m strong.

Love you.

“For being beautiful, amazing and one hell of a fighter”

– Amy


A day of a teenager – friday


It has been a funny and a sweet day ’cause my moms sister and her children came to visit us today. My family and I live in the other part of the country so we don’t see them much..So everytime we see the children they’ve grown a lot sometimes I feel they grow to fast. My family is the most important thing ’cause no matter what they always got my back!!

I felt so stupid today because we went for a walk all of us and I didn’t have any warm clotes with me. Like a real teenager I looked like it was summer. The walk ended in snow. I mean really snow in the easter???? I hate Denmark!!!! Why does it always have to be so cold? I still can’t wait for tomorrow, im going to see my dress!!!!

It’s cozy to be in  the summerhouse, but it can be boring!! I know it sounds wried, but it’s so hard for me to fall asleep at night cause im scared. What about you when do you feel scared? I feel it when it’s dark at night and im living in the middel of no where. I don’t know what exactly I am afraid of, but okay I admit it! You have to work with your scariness you have to admit you are afraid. Sometimes you feel so afriad that you have to talk to somebody instead of just hidding it away ’cause someday when your afraid all the other times you’ve been afraid comes back, so all the scariness comes at the same time!! It so much harder to work with.




A normal life of a teenager. Im opening up to all my writers to tell what happens in my life. When I started this blog I wrote about my thoughts on Monday – sunday it was an opening for what im starting on now. Every day every week I will write about my day and thoughts on the day. People would say that a normal teenage life is boring but its the opposite. A teenage life is the most interesting fase of a humans life. It’s were you begin to find out how you really are. My life isen’t special but it’s real!!

– Amy



We teenagers have a lot of feelings ans sometimes we get to many to handel. Feelings isen’t something you should hide most people does but we are all humans and it can become to much if you don’t express you feelings…

In a teenagers life there are feelings like love, hate, happiness, fear, disappointment. When you become a teenager all your feelings is magnified. If you have a boyfriend then all the feelings you had before has changed and it’s hard but it’s just love you feel when you are teenager.

When you are teenager there are a lot of different feelings inside you. They can control you if you don’t figure out how to control them. It’s not all of them you should control just the feelings like hate because you don’t wanna be mad all the time but you want to be happy but you can’t choose when you want to be mad and when you want to be happy. It’s so annoying sometimes it can be to much. One of the feeling i feel the most is disappointment it’s most about a person or of my self and when i have that feeling it makes me question my self if im good enough. All the feelings you feel can be the same feeling because the are like one. when you feel love you also feel hate they may be the oppisite but they are so much a like. Disappointment can develop to fear. So they all are one and you can so much at the same time that you sometime feel like you are gonna explode. Thats why we are teenagers because it’s hard for ud to control all the feeling and living at the same time.tumblr_mfqjqrMYz81r9imr2o1_500_large




Boys are the most annoying people but also one of the most amazing. We girls could learn a lot for them.. I know it’s hard to see somtimes but we really can. A good ex. is that when boys fight they may not talk for like a day and the next day they are like “bros” again. It’s not exactly the same with girls we could not talk to each other for a year in worse cases. When girls are fighting they drive mental on each other until one of the them gives up if not they loose a friend and then your most important friends has to pick side. I personally think it’s stupid but it dosen’t stop me for doing it even through i know it’s wrong i still don’t want to be the one who gives up first.

Boys are wried but it’s easy for me to say that because well im a girl Im sure if i asked a random guy he would think that girls are wried. I personally thinks that guys is wried because thay don’t talk, some of them don’t even know how exactly to show their feelings and then the Girl gets confused and then she get’s wried. Maby some girls play hard to get but some guys does it to but just most guys are very hard to read and i can make you so mad and confused. It’s an evil circle some times it starts with boys (it often does) and sometimes it starts with girl. If could change something in a relationship i had for some time ago I would have wished that I just talked about it with the guy. The relationship is more real if you can talk to him about anything you have on your mind. If we girls just could say what we had on our minds the world would be a better place and it would be a lot easier for our self because we didn’t have to cry all time when there was something we didn’t say. It would stop the crying but It would also stop the Listing to sad music. I can’t count how many times I cried over a song I could play it over and over just so I could cry more. That is how it goes for girls I don’t think it’s the same with boys they don’t cry they do stupid things like hide their feelings and one day i know thay will explode…..