I’m so…..


Jesus I’m so stupid!! So I was running a little late this morning because I was sleeping to long.
When I was almost done with all the stuff I do in the morning I went upstairs to get me phone and on my way down I fell on the stairs because of my stupid shoes. Now I’m laying in my bed with ice on my back and feeling sorry for my self.

Just a normal day…





A normal life of a teenager. Im opening up to all my writers to tell what happens in my life. When I started this blog I wrote about my thoughts on Monday – sunday it was an opening for what im starting on now. Every day every week I will write about my day and thoughts on the day. People would say that a normal teenage life is boring but its the opposite. A teenage life is the most interesting fase of a humans life. It’s were you begin to find out how you really are. My life isen’t special but it’s real!!

– Amy



Love what is that? Is it a feeling, a thing, a person we all have different ways to see love for me it’s when you have something for a person that can’t be described. It dosen’t have to be with your boyfriend it can also be with friend a strong friendship. Love dosen’t always have to be romantic….

All people seek love..When you are little it’s most from your family and when you get older and thing gets a little more complicated. We teenagers seeks it a lot but what we don’t see is that it is so hard to find and you are going to go through a lot of things to see it. Your going to think that your found it but at some point you’ll realese that it’s so hard to find your fairytale ending and that it isen’t going to come as fast as you imagined. That will hurt and you will cry and you’ll get over it. You will try until your heart breaks so I just gonna tell you to choose carefully on who you decides to trust and care about ’cause you can risk that you are so heart broken that you can’t see the real love which is around you…

Love and hate is the opposite of each other but even through they look different they’re actully are the same. You can love a person so much that you hate the person and without hate you can’t found love. I sounds annoying and unnecessary but you can’t just walk away ’cause a person can’t live without both of them. You have to learn how to control them or they will control you!!!

When you get that funny feeling in your stomach because of a person trust me he may be a keeper i know you isen’t going to find the love of your life when you are a teenager but you can get young love which is much better for now. It’s an amazing feeling to be in love I was once i know it sounds starnge but i really was in love with the guy and it sucked ’cause i didn’t see until after. If i just had opened my eyes I may had seen it earlier. I would give anything to found it again eventough it hurt a lot and in my eyes love sucks but that just me ’cause i have been through a lot and every time I end up broken with no pride left….