Nowhere boy


I’m so f***ing happy that I found this movie. It was funny, dramatic and it was history! I’m not talking about the boring history but this is what changed the world in the last 50s and early 60s..The beatles!!!! This movie is about John Lennon who started the band ’cause he was inspired by his mother and by Elvis Presley, but it isn’t just about his band. It’s about his life how hard he lived. For me it explained the mystery behind the beatles because for me they was always a part of history not just music history, but the real big thing. It was always fun to see how they lived and how they was back then. In some way I wished I’ve been there because they really started something big. It was also funny to see how they all find each other. it was specially funny for me to see paul McCartney find his was in because I really like his music.

I was never a big fan of the beatles, but that didn’t stop me for seeing the movie because like I wrote before it’s not just about that. The movie was one of the most amazing movies I’ve ever seen and I laughed and I cried, but the movie can maybe boring to some but to me it was more than amazing. I loved it…

Ps. The actor who plays John Lennon is really hot and cute at the same time. He looks amazing!!!



F*ck life


The days when you wished you could fly away….We have them all the time. I hope it dosen’t happen for you a lot but well sometimes it does happen. It could be anything that could make you feel that way. You gets this moments where you just want to fly away to a better place I don’t mean like you want to die but you just wished you could leave for a day. There are a lot of things that could make you thinks like that like it could be a big fight you had with your parents or worse when you fell lonely. I remember many times where I lay in the grass and just stared at the sky and wished that there was something more to life….

I felt like this before. It was a year ago. I got into a  fight with my bestfriend cause she was fighting with my ex boyfriend and she didn’t think that i stood up for her but that wasen’t the reason why I was alone and had a lot of those days where you wished you could fly away. It was after..My friend cut me completly of. In school she ignorred me eventhough i sat right beside her in the class. As time went i felt more and more alone i didn’t have any friends because i throught i would be friends with my best friend forever. On top of that i always arguied with my dad and my mom. I would’t go to school ’cause I was always sad and alone. I totally stopped laughing……It ended all well and I got out on the other side but the felling I had was loneliness and that i would give anyting for life to be special. I didn’t think that I belonged any where. I saw and read a lot of fantasy like The vampire diaries anything that could take me to a better place where i was special. I know personally that I can be hard and that you can’t avoid it but it’s okay sometimes to ask youself why and remember there are a lot of reasons to go but stay any way and keep on fighting!!!!!!!!!tumblr_mh59cs3sw11rdx0uyo1_500_large