A day of a teenager – wendesday


There isen’t any worse then being sick in the break!!! I think i have some kind of influenze!!! I’m sorry that i haven’t been writing this few days, but it woulden’t have been interesting anyways 😦
Right now i’m seeting in my bed and eating watermelon..I love it ❤❤



A day of a teenager – Saturday


I was home late last night so im will update to times today!!

Yesterday was the longest day ever. My family and I didn’t do anything the hole day. As I wrote before I was going to see my confirmation dress, but it was 7.30 pm, so I had to use the time for something! Later that day I visited my grandmother I know it sound wried and boring, but it wasen’t it never is. My grandmother means the world to me. After that I went to see my dress. My cousine made it and it is the most beautiful thing really!! but there was some things with it so I couldn’t get it with me. It’s so annoying ‘casue now i’ll have to wait longer. I really just want it with me now!!! So yesterday wasen’t the best day ever??!

– Amy