I’m so…..


Jesus I’m so stupid!! So I was running a little late this morning because I was sleeping to long.
When I was almost done with all the stuff I do in the morning I went upstairs to get me phone and on my way down I fell on the stairs because of my stupid shoes. Now I’m laying in my bed with ice on my back and feeling sorry for my self.

Just a normal day…




Dear honey why do you feel free today? The answer for that is easy, it’s because you are singel. Why only see the negative side when there are a positive side too. Now you don’t have to think of other persons then family, friends and yourself. Right after I began to be single I felt free and I was ready to do something crazy, but I admit sometimes I miss waking up to a sms from him where he writes how much he misses me and that he wishes me a great day. It just kind of lights up your world a little. The best thing by being single is the time you have with your friends suddenly your friends and you are equal ’cause now you both can look after boys when your out. I like that I don’t have to look great all the time I can look ugly if I want to. It might be that girls like to dress up and look pretty, but we also love to look ugly.                                                                                                  When you are single you don’t have to always think of the others person you can think a little more of yourself instead, which is great sometimes. I know it might feel lonely sometimes, but maybe you need to feel lonely it’s good for the soul I think.

Heartbroken The must scary word really!! See that is the good part of being single a boy can’t break your heart. Who wants a brokenheart? I hope nobody ’cause it’s so painfull why go through that when you don’t have to. I know that sometimes you have to ’cause you can’t find right person from the start and girls can’t say that they are afraid that a boy will break their heart ’cause we girls can break hearts too and we do it to protect us self for being brokenhearted. It’s a black circle….

– Amy


A day of a teenager – Thursday


Omg best day ever!! Still sick but it it didn’t ruin my day with my girls!! The reason why the day was so good is because My friends and I went to see The host!!

The host was amazing, My friend wanted to see this movie for ages ’cause she read the book and thought it was amazing. If you love to read you should read the book ’cause if you liked the movie you would love the book even more. The book was wrote by the writer of The Twilight saga..Stephanie Meyer. I know many say her books are childish and foressable, but this wasen’t. I don’t think I have anything bad about it. The movie was not at all like Twilight saga, but you could still see that it was her who wrote the book which I thought was great. The Host suprised my so much when it was done. I couldn’t stop saying to me self that I haven’t seen that coming. If I should say one thing..My friend said that Meyer is making two books more and well right now if it was me I would stop now ’cause the movie is good just in it self!!!

Here is a link to the movie. If I was you I would really go see it it’s worth the money and time..Promise 🙂


– Amy


A day of a teenager – Saturday


I was home late last night so im will update to times today!!

Yesterday was the longest day ever. My family and I didn’t do anything the hole day. As I wrote before I was going to see my confirmation dress, but it was 7.30 pm, so I had to use the time for something! Later that day I visited my grandmother I know it sound wried and boring, but it wasen’t it never is. My grandmother means the world to me. After that I went to see my dress. My cousine made it and it is the most beautiful thing really!! but there was some things with it so I couldn’t get it with me. It’s so annoying ‘casue now i’ll have to wait longer. I really just want it with me now!!! So yesterday wasen’t the best day ever??!

– Amy




A normal life of a teenager. Im opening up to all my writers to tell what happens in my life. When I started this blog I wrote about my thoughts on Monday – sunday it was an opening for what im starting on now. Every day every week I will write about my day and thoughts on the day. People would say that a normal teenage life is boring but its the opposite. A teenage life is the most interesting fase of a humans life. It’s were you begin to find out how you really are. My life isen’t special but it’s real!!

– Amy




For a girl appearance isen’t just a hobby, but the most important in their lives. I may admit for my it’s important im not saying that i choose my friends after their appearance. We like to make something out of appearance. Why is so imporatant for us?, why can we just think about the inside instead? You always hear that the inside is most important and well it is, but for teenagers today appearance it’s very important and you can say that it’s cruel but it’s the truth. It’s the first thing people see when they don’t know. Even though you don’t choose your friends for appearance. Teenagers want to fit in and to fit in you have to look the best many people say that it’s only girls, but thats not true. When boys gets older thay also wanne fit in. i don’t think that clothes and the Right shoes are important, but maybe for them it’s about getting the Right gadgets. I don’t know if any of you have seen that a lot of Youtube users have Youtube channels about make-up and just beauty general.

What other people think of us is important, we say that it isen’t but it is. It isen’t just for other poeple that we dress up for we also do it for our self..to fell better!






I’m so afraid of what is going to come. I know some of you already know what you are going to do in the future, but most of us is lost and we fear it. I remember from when I was little I always dreamed about my future. What it was going to be like to be a grown up. I remember that I always dreamed about a big white house and a lot of money so I didn’t have to care about what I would buy. Now I know that I have to work for it and what if I never finds out what to do with my life. So many worries…

Now that we are older a lot of people asks us what we are going to be in the future and you really wish that you know but you are just lost. They’ll keep asking until you know personally i’ve learned that I shouldn’t care about others already knows what they are going to be. You are so jealous that you don’t have your life figured out. Future is about your dreams what do you wanna be and how do you wanna be like. You’ll never stop dreaming and you shouldn’t ’cause you work more for it when you really want it.

So are dreams and future the same thing im not sure ’cause dreaming is like wanting something really bad and like I wrote before when you really wants something you’ll get it, but it’s not all your dreams are like that some dreams are fantasy and some we like to stay like that. f.eks you’ll dream about being in another world like sometimes i wish for something bigger then this world sometimes i wish that f.eks there existed vampires not because i think it’s a great thing but because it’s something different and because they can do things that we humans only dream off.


F*ck life


The days when you wished you could fly away….We have them all the time. I hope it dosen’t happen for you a lot but well sometimes it does happen. It could be anything that could make you feel that way. You gets this moments where you just want to fly away to a better place I don’t mean like you want to die but you just wished you could leave for a day. There are a lot of things that could make you thinks like that like it could be a big fight you had with your parents or worse when you fell lonely. I remember many times where I lay in the grass and just stared at the sky and wished that there was something more to life….

I felt like this before. It was a year ago. I got into a  fight with my bestfriend cause she was fighting with my ex boyfriend and she didn’t think that i stood up for her but that wasen’t the reason why I was alone and had a lot of those days where you wished you could fly away. It was after..My friend cut me completly of. In school she ignorred me eventhough i sat right beside her in the class. As time went i felt more and more alone i didn’t have any friends because i throught i would be friends with my best friend forever. On top of that i always arguied with my dad and my mom. I would’t go to school ’cause I was always sad and alone. I totally stopped laughing……It ended all well and I got out on the other side but the felling I had was loneliness and that i would give anyting for life to be special. I didn’t think that I belonged any where. I saw and read a lot of fantasy like The vampire diaries anything that could take me to a better place where i was special. I know personally that I can be hard and that you can’t avoid it but it’s okay sometimes to ask youself why and remember there are a lot of reasons to go but stay any way and keep on fighting!!!!!!!!!tumblr_mh59cs3sw11rdx0uyo1_500_large