A day of a teenager – wendesday


There isen’t any worse then being sick in the break!!! I think i have some kind of influenze!!! I’m sorry that i haven’t been writing this few days, but it woulden’t have been interesting anyways 😦
Right now i’m seeting in my bed and eating watermelon..I love it ❤❤




We teenagers have a lot of feelings ans sometimes we get to many to handel. Feelings isen’t something you should hide most people does but we are all humans and it can become to much if you don’t express you feelings…

In a teenagers life there are feelings like love, hate, happiness, fear, disappointment. When you become a teenager all your feelings is magnified. If you have a boyfriend then all the feelings you had before has changed and it’s hard but it’s just love you feel when you are teenager.

When you are teenager there are a lot of different feelings inside you. They can control you if you don’t figure out how to control them. It’s not all of them you should control just the feelings like hate because you don’t wanna be mad all the time but you want to be happy but you can’t choose when you want to be mad and when you want to be happy. It’s so annoying sometimes it can be to much. One of the feeling i feel the most is disappointment it’s most about a person or of my self and when i have that feeling it makes me question my self if im good enough. All the feelings you feel can be the same feeling because the are like one. when you feel love you also feel hate they may be the oppisite but they are so much a like. Disappointment can develop to fear. So they all are one and you can so much at the same time that you sometime feel like you are gonna explode. Thats why we are teenagers because it’s hard for ud to control all the feeling and living at the same time.tumblr_mfqjqrMYz81r9imr2o1_500_large