Nowhere boy


I’m so f***ing happy that I found this movie. It was funny, dramatic and it was history! I’m not talking about the boring history but this is what changed the world in the last 50s and early 60s..The beatles!!!! This movie is about John Lennon who started the band ’cause he was inspired by his mother and by Elvis Presley, but it isn’t just about his band. It’s about his life how hard he lived. For me it explained the mystery behind the beatles because for me they was always a part of history not just music history, but the real big thing. It was always fun to see how they lived and how they was back then. In some way I wished I’ve been there because they really started something big. It was also funny to see how they all find each other. it was specially funny for me to see paul McCartney find his was in because I really like his music.

I was never a big fan of the beatles, but that didn’t stop me for seeing the movie because like I wrote before it’s not just about that. The movie was one of the most amazing movies I’ve ever seen and I laughed and I cried, but the movie can maybe boring to some but to me it was more than amazing. I loved it…

Ps. The actor who plays John Lennon is really hot and cute at the same time. He looks amazing!!!





The sweet sound in your ears that you can’t live without. All people are driven by it, but it’s teenagers who started. Music is almost our lives. There is nothing else that can get me in a better mood then a little music.

Music is an old culture, but the real music started in 60s. Can you imagine living back then. It must have been amazing. Today music is a little different then back then, but it still does the same to people. it gathers us in different a funny ways. You get to have your own opinion on music and it’s amazing. It’s all about what you wanna hear. Not only does it bring us together it also make us question.

The think I love most about music is that it can make even the most boring thing funny and you can’t live without a little fun 😀

I hear music after my mood. If I’m sad I songs like cry by Rihanna which by the way is very depressing. When I wake up to a friday I hear songs like walks like Rihanna by The wanted. When I’m really angry at someone I hear Demi lavato I don’t what it is about her but she really has some anger issue, but what i love most about her is that’s she’s strong ans she shows it in her song and that amazing. It’s like you can find out who the person is in their song.I love it. For me the lyrics in the song is very important it must be something I can relate to.

What’s your favorit music?


5 things I…


5 Things I love about the world

1. Human

Omg human are so smart. If they need something they just invent what they need. It’s genius. Human is curious and I like that.They research a lot about our history. Humans wanna know what happened and was before us. I my self like history ’cause for my it’s exiting to research things e.g The greek mythology.

2. Be your self.

I know it’s not like this all over the world, but I love that people can mean what they will and be who they will. Your not locked in a case on how you should be. There is only one of you.

3. Community

I love that when something happens all country’s come to help like when Haiti was hit be a tidal wave. Many country’s brought food and medication to the people on the island. It’s like we’re in it together. I like the feeling that Denmark and my self  is not all on our own. We can always get help.

4. Teenagers

I like our revolution on how to be different. I love that teenagers…Us have our own category. People get’s surprise every day over what we can’t do to the world. We have something to say. What I love about us is that we are exploring us self. We are finding out who we wanna be and Grown ups should now that they have to let us grow by our self.

5. Music

The thing that chances all the time. Music brings us together it gathers many different people. Music does so we all have something in common. For me it makes my day better I feel like I am apart of something. When I’m sad I listen to music that I can relay me feelings to. It makes me feel like I’m not alone with this feeling. When I’m happy I hear happy music so show others my joy. It can bring you to someone special. I couldn’t live with out the music.




Boys are the most annoying people but also one of the most amazing. We girls could learn a lot for them.. I know it’s hard to see somtimes but we really can. A good ex. is that when boys fight they may not talk for like a day and the next day they are like “bros” again. It’s not exactly the same with girls we could not talk to each other for a year in worse cases. When girls are fighting they drive mental on each other until one of the them gives up if not they loose a friend and then your most important friends has to pick side. I personally think it’s stupid but it dosen’t stop me for doing it even through i know it’s wrong i still don’t want to be the one who gives up first.

Boys are wried but it’s easy for me to say that because well im a girl Im sure if i asked a random guy he would think that girls are wried. I personally thinks that guys is wried because thay don’t talk, some of them don’t even know how exactly to show their feelings and then the Girl gets confused and then she get’s wried. Maby some girls play hard to get but some guys does it to but just most guys are very hard to read and i can make you so mad and confused. It’s an evil circle some times it starts with boys (it often does) and sometimes it starts with girl. If could change something in a relationship i had for some time ago I would have wished that I just talked about it with the guy. The relationship is more real if you can talk to him about anything you have on your mind. If we girls just could say what we had on our minds the world would be a better place and it would be a lot easier for our self because we didn’t have to cry all time when there was something we didn’t say. It would stop the crying but It would also stop the Listing to sad music. I can’t count how many times I cried over a song I could play it over and over just so I could cry more. That is how it goes for girls I don’t think it’s the same with boys they don’t cry they do stupid things like hide their feelings and one day i know thay will explode…..