”Never Say Never” – Justin Bieber

Can you even imagine what life would be like if you never had to worry about money. You could follow your heart without thinking about anything. My dream is living in New york in Manhatten on The Upper East Side. Imagine all the partys where you only drink champain.

You could so many things you wanted to. Like you go in the clothes you wanted to Channel, Cucci, Dior etc. You would be asked if you wanted to model for them and in return you’ll get the clothes. You would meed people like you. In New York everything could happen. I want all. The glamour, The Champain, The Clothes, The Broadway, Manhatten, The Gossip. I know it sound silly and very girly but I would do anything for havng a booked calender every week. Going to brunch, dinner partys, Girls night out. You could be the person you wanne be. Nobody saying it’s wrong ’cause your The It girl.




After a hard year you could go to Paris for the summer with your friends and you could go to fashion week in NY and maybe Paris. Life could be a dream a Fairytale. You would meet your prince charming who do anything for you and he would be romantic and funny. he would know what to wear to the dinners and the partys. Many people would be jalouse of you ’cause you have everything you ever dreamed of.

I get it sound silly and stupid, but I will always have a little part of me which always is dreaming.

What is your dream, I really wanne know?!