Dear honey why do you feel free today? The answer for that is easy, it’s because you are singel. Why only see the negative side when there are a positive side too. Now you don’t have to think of other persons then family, friends and yourself. Right after I began to be single I felt free and I was ready to do something crazy, but I admit sometimes I miss waking up to a sms from him where he writes how much he misses me and that he wishes me a great day. It just kind of lights up your world a little. The best thing by being single is the time you have with your friends suddenly your friends and you are equal ’cause now you both can look after boys when your out. I like that I don’t have to look great all the time I can look ugly if I want to. It might be that girls like to dress up and look pretty, but we also love to look ugly.                                                                                                  When you are single you don’t have to always think of the others person you can think a little more of yourself instead, which is great sometimes. I know it might feel lonely sometimes, but maybe you need to feel lonely it’s good for the soul I think.

Heartbroken The must scary word really!! See that is the good part of being single a boy can’t break your heart. Who wants a brokenheart? I hope nobody ’cause it’s so painfull why go through that when you don’t have to. I know that sometimes you have to ’cause you can’t find right person from the start and girls can’t say that they are afraid that a boy will break their heart ’cause we girls can break hearts too and we do it to protect us self for being brokenhearted. It’s a black circle….

– Amy





Boys are the most annoying people but also one of the most amazing. We girls could learn a lot for them.. I know it’s hard to see somtimes but we really can. A good ex. is that when boys fight they may not talk for like a day and the next day they are like “bros” again. It’s not exactly the same with girls we could not talk to each other for a year in worse cases. When girls are fighting they drive mental on each other until one of the them gives up if not they loose a friend and then your most important friends has to pick side. I personally think it’s stupid but it dosen’t stop me for doing it even through i know it’s wrong i still don’t want to be the one who gives up first.

Boys are wried but it’s easy for me to say that because well im a girl Im sure if i asked a random guy he would think that girls are wried. I personally thinks that guys is wried because thay don’t talk, some of them don’t even know how exactly to show their feelings and then the Girl gets confused and then she get’s wried. Maby some girls play hard to get but some guys does it to but just most guys are very hard to read and i can make you so mad and confused. It’s an evil circle some times it starts with boys (it often does) and sometimes it starts with girl. If could change something in a relationship i had for some time ago I would have wished that I just talked about it with the guy. The relationship is more real if you can talk to him about anything you have on your mind. If we girls just could say what we had on our minds the world would be a better place and it would be a lot easier for our self because we didn’t have to cry all time when there was something we didn’t say. It would stop the crying but It would also stop the Listing to sad music. I can’t count how many times I cried over a song I could play it over and over just so I could cry more. That is how it goes for girls I don’t think it’s the same with boys they don’t cry they do stupid things like hide their feelings and one day i know thay will explode…..