A day of a teenager – Saturday


I was home late last night so im will update to times today!!

Yesterday was the longest day ever. My family and I didn’t do anything the hole day. As I wrote before I was going to see my confirmation dress, but it was 7.30 pm, so I had to use the time for something! Later that day I visited my grandmother I know it sound wried and boring, but it wasen’t it never is. My grandmother means the world to me. After that I went to see my dress. My cousine made it and it is the most beautiful thing really!! but there was some things with it so I couldn’t get it with me. It’s so annoying ‘casue now i’ll have to wait longer. I really just want it with me now!!! So yesterday wasen’t the best day ever??!

– Amy





You can do what ever you want ’cause you can get up late and go late to bed. It’s grat until it’s over. Today I was in the cinema to see gangster squad it was amazing and Ryan gosling playing Jerry. He was so gud damn hot that you wouldn’t believe it.

The movie was about some police men who goes undercover to go against the mafia boss of Los Angeles called mickey. The was very good and full of action but there was some jokes in it to which made to much better. It’s stuff like that you can do on a saturday. It is so easy  to make the day good and fun you just have to do something and just don’t sit home a waste your Saturday….