hey out there my name is Amalie and i’m a teenager, i’m 14 so i have a long way to go….

This page is about a life.. it’s about the Teenage life. What are we going through? What is hard and what is easy? What is that keeps os a live mental? How do we survive all this emotions? But most important we are just going to take life as it comes!

I hope this can help you and me get through this….cause i know we can and i know we will!!!!!!!!



More about who I am.

Like i told you before my name is Amalie and im 14 years old. I really wanted to write a little more about my self ’cause i thought it could be great if you new a little more about the person who writes to you. I don’t know if you have a feeling about who i am but i fell like i been a lot through as a teenager normally does. The things i write about is kind of personal so for me it’s important that you know who i am. It’s hard for me to write excatly who i am cause well I don’t know yet. Like you are exploring your self so am i.

I been there i’ve had boyfriends from when I still was in kindergarden and it has always been fun for me to explore. It’s fun because you come close to a boy like you do with you’re girlfriends. I don’t talk about kissing and holding hands i mean those things are great but thats not why. It’s to have another person to talk to. I hope it doesn’t look like my life is all about boys cause welll it isen’t. My life is great right now because i’ve become close to three girls who now means the world to me I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Last I felt so alone ’cause I lost my best friend in a very bad way, so thats why i have this feeling like I can talk about that. For me friendship is so important it may be the most important thing in your life when you are a teenager.

IMG_6102_SnapseedThis is me a couple of weeks ago.

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